Whether new to the field, new to Illinois, responsible for environmental issues as only one of your many responsibilities, or one member of a group employed to address different environmental media specialties, you are faced with an increasingly complex universe of environmental regulations. These regulations constantly change, as often do the people involved in compliance. Therefore, it’s imperative to stay on top of the whos, whats, whens, wheres, whys, and hows necessary to understand, achieve, and maintain compliance. Unlike many environmental seminars structured to present the points of view of various interest groups, these sessions are designed to detail the technical and legal requirements necessary for compliance.

You will learn about the different types of permits, when they are required, and what you will need to apply for them. You will also learn how to manage your obligations under those permits. You will learn what to expect during an inspection, from the inspector’s role during the visit to what you should have ready when they knock on your door. You will learn how to stay in compliance, and become familiar with how the Illinois EPA reviews permit and other regulatory deviations, and what actions you can expect the Agency to take. You will learn about the basic standards and regulations, and what’s coming on the regulatory horizon. And much more!!!

LAND BASICS In this seminar, we will focus on what to do with your various wastes, how to know if you need a permit, and the pollution remediation programs implemented by the Illinois EPA.

WATER BASICS During this seminar, in addition to permitting and compliance, you will hear about the Agency’s recent focus on renewing its general NPDES permits, updates to water quality standards, and future regulatory changes.

AIR BASICS In addition to the topics referenced above, we will focus on updates to Illinois’ air quality, reporting emissions, and resources offered by the State to assist with compliance.

Save the Dates:

Land Issues – August 22, 2017

Water Issues – September 13, 2017

Air Issues – October 10, 2017